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Facebook Marketing Partners are vetted for excellence in exactly the things you need to get more from your marketing. Whether it’s managing campaigns at scale, improving measurement, reaching new audiences or more. What you need is what they do best.

Why work with a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Get smart

Partners give you superior insights and data for better marketing decisions.

Get more

Partners offer innovative technology to help you drive great results.

Get an edge

Partners offer custom-tailored solutions to supercharge your marketing on and off Facebook.

Investing in innovation

It’s our ongoing ambition to support and encourage Facebook Marketing Partners in their efforts to create innovative solutions. One of the most exciting parts is the Facebook Innovation Spotlight, where we highlight and award cutting edge marketing technology and services.

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Success stories

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Helping to end violence against women

The leading fashion brand generated over 22 million impressions for its charitable Denim...

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Adore Me

During a Thanksgiving-Cyber Monday sale, lingerie retailer Adore Me used Facebook Marketing Partner...

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Providing unique solutions for healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare partnered with BrightWhistle for its mammogram campaign, using BrightWhistle’s HIPAA-compliant marketing...

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