Dig into the finer points of building for our full family of apps and services. Our Solutions Engineering team shares best practices for building across planning, creative, targeting, optimization and measurement.

Ads API Roadmap Learn more about what's coming down the road for our Ads API
Succeeding on the API Watch as Vatsal discussing some best practices
Auctions & Delivery Secrets to the Facebook auction revealed! Auction basics, bid type, and pacing
Building for Creative Creative best practices via automation and split testing
Building for Measurement Use our measurement framework for online and offline cross-device
Optimal Optimization Learn how to optimize ad delivery for actions an advertiser cares about
Instagram and Audience Network How to build for Instagram and Audience Network
Developer Tools, SDKs Build faster on the API with the SDK, API, and debugger
Trying it all Together Build faster on the API with the SDK, API, and debugger.
Challenges from the Market Learn more about what is difficult in the marketplace
Dynamic Product Ads Our Solutions Engineers talk about how to target with the right product and message
Lead Generation Ads See more on how form collection can help you
Offline Sales Watch what opportunities there are to bridge offline and online