Learn about product marketing, verticals, emerging markets and more, including key business opportunities for SMBs.

Intended for a business, sales and marketing audience.

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Reaching the Regions: Growing Business Globally Facebook Regional Leads
The Future Is Video Helen Ma Lead, Feed Ads Platforms, Facebook
Brand Safety First: Protecting Your Brand Adam Davison Feed Ads Platforms Product Marketing Manager, Facebook
Bridging Sales Online and Off Yair Cohn Product Growth Manager, Facebook
Growing with Dynamic Ads Abha Maheshwari Product Growth Team Manager, Direct Response, Facebook
Ads You Play: The Possibilities of Playables Emily Wilson Product Growth Manager, Facebook
Know Your Audience Insights Kunal Merchant and Adi Thacker Audience Insights
Discovering High Value Jenna Little Market Development Manager, SMB, Facebook
Instagram Stories: Product Roadmap Jameel Haralson Product Growth Manager, Marketing Partnerships, Facebook
Creating for a Mobile First World Jennifer Spies Product Marketing Manager, Brand Video, Facebook
Creative Possibilities of Messenger Kemal El Moujahid Director, Product Management, Facebook
Supporting Partner Growth Dalip Tyagi and Bru Mutebi Product Marketing Lead and Insights Marketing Manager