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Intended for a technical audience.

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New Features, New Functionality: API Roadmaps Mohsen Bari Product Manager, Facebook
An Isomorphic Node.js Marketing API SDK Zain Aziz Solutions Engineer, Facebook
Signals & Optimal Ad Performance Jason Ogden Solutions Engineer, Facebook
Dynamic Ads & Vertical Solutions Jinghao Yan Software Engineer on Dynamic Ads, Facebook
Understanding Delivery & Auction Dynamics Kurt Runke Marketing Science Director, Facebook
Automation for All: Rules Engine Deep Dive Jordan Rogers-Smith Partner Engineer, Facebook
Pages API: Build, Engage, Accelerate Stephanie Leung Product Manager, Facebook
Building on Messenger Anish Bhayani Engineering Manager, Facebook
Improved Creative Tracking: Ad Video Fingerprints Kent Wu Solutions Engineer, Facebook
Improving Performance with Dynamic Creative Gayathri Murali Solutions Engineer, Facebook
Accelerating Development with Ads Plugins Marvin Kwok Solutions Engineer, Facebook
New Tools for Developer Communication Jia Chen Product Marketing Manager, Facebook