Adsmurai offers a new generation software to manage, optimise and analyse advertising campaigns in social media, helping clients improve their ROI. Self-service and manage service, in Facebook & Instagram ads.

About Adsmurai

Adsmurai speeds up and drives results on Facebook ads through its proprietary software, Katana. 
With an intuitive flow to create campaigns with specific targets (e-commerce, videos, engagement, fans, apps...), and a very user friendly interface, it drives the best results possible. 

The strenghts of Adsmurai are the ease of use and the high quality user experience we provide. Katana supports the most innovative ad formats, such as Dynamic Product Ads. It allows you to create alerts to better manage your KPIs, as well as the option to save new target groups, and uploading your briefing directly from the platform... This allows Adsmurai to deliver on the promise of better performance and return for your ad spend on social media.

Adsmurai has two different service models: a managed model (Adsmurai experts manage the campaigns), and a self service model (advertisers use the software to manage their campaigns with the support of Adsmurai). 


Adsmurai acelera la obtención de resultados en cada una de las campañas realizadas en Facebook ads a través de su software propio, Katana. Con un intuitivo flow de creación de campañas orientadas a objetivos concretos (e-commerce, videos, engagement, fans, apps..) y una interficie pensada con y para el usuario, consigue los mejores resultados.
Los puntos fuertes de la plataforma son la facilidad de uso y experiencia de usuario de alta calidad, que apoyados en los últimos formatos como Dynamic Product Ads, un sistema de creación de Alarmas propio, la opción de guardar nuevos targets o la toma de Briefings directamente desde la tool, logran aumentar el rendimiento de las campañas y un mejor performance.
Existen dos modelos de servicio: manage (expertos de Adsmurai realizan las campañas), y Self-service (los anunciantes realizan ellos las campañas con el software de Adsmurai y el apoyo de asesores expertos).

Adsmurai Attributes


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Pricing Model

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  • Managed Service
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Adsmurai's Locations

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+57 317 679 2586

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