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Letro, owned by Allied Architects, is the UGC Creative Platform to enable advertisers to find and predict high performing brand contents posted by users, and optimize them to achieve business goals all in one place.

About Allied Architects

Allied Architects is the owner of Letro, that is a UGC Creative Platform providing user-based ads creative experience to advertisers.

One of the biggest issues of advertisement is that the conventional way of ad creative designed from advertiser’s perspective does not attract people any more especially on Facebook and Instagram. On newsfeed and timeline, advertisers need to have more content-like ad creative to catch audience’s eyes and drive them to take actions.

Letro offers highly rich experience of “Contents Discovery” to advertisers and enables them to find UGC more easily and efficiently.

With our “Prediction Engine” solution, Letro suggests which UGC would be a better performer to advertisers before they start spending on Facebook and Instagram.

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