Cubeyou is a Consumer Insights Software based on Facebook. We helps Marketers leverage social data to create successful marketing strategies, develop content and creativity that converts and finally boost advertising ROI on FB.

About Cubeyou

Cubeyou is a Consumer Insights Software based on Facebook data.

We helps Marketers leverage social data to:
1. Create successful marketing strategies: Slice and dice into your target’s demographics, attitudes, psychographics, values, beliefs and interests, compare it with other segments and benchmark it against competitive products to create a successful marketing strategy.
2. Develop content and creativity that converts:
Create a sure hit content, don’t waste time A/B testing, understand what best resonates and is trending within your target audience. Speak about what really matters to them: sports, hobbies, products, movies, celebrities, places etc.
3. Boost advertising ROI on Facebook:
Increase your conversions and boost ROI by uncovering specific niche audiences, alternative outlets, and potential viral effects to help you reach your target with less cost and less effort

Cubeyou Attributes


  • Community Management


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Pricing Model

  • Subscription

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  • Managed Service
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