IGAWorks is a performance-driven mobile marketing company with its industry-leading tech superiority and data-rich platforms. IGAWorks offers a complete range of solutions always with measurable ROI for your every single mobile marketing action.

About IGAWorks

IGAWorks is a complete ad-tech company furnished with rich market data, performance-focused mobile marketing platform and highly experienced top experts on campaign optimization.

IGAWorks serves most widely used mobile marketing and operation platforms with 13,000+ active advertisers and publishers in Korea.

Solutions with tech superiority are especially designed with data-driven targeting capability at the largest scale in Korea.

Please refer to below a complete of range of solutions for mobile app marketing and business.

- adPOPcorn, the largest mobile ad-network and monetization solution in Korea.

- Tradingworks, data-driven mobile specialized DSP (Demand Side Platform) first in Korea.

- TF2 (Tradingworks for Facebook), campaign performance optimization solution on Facebook and Instagram served by Operation & Optimization specialists.

- adbrix, ad-tracking and app analysis tool used by over 80% of Korean app developers.

- Live Operation, 100% self-serve platform for real-time push message and pop-up notice with tailored audience targeting capability.

- Mobile Index, mobile app business intelligence platform with the latest industrial insight.

IGAWorks Attributes


  • Ad Technology


  • Technology
  • eCommerce
  • Automotive


  • Korea


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • More

Pricing Model

  • Flat Fee
  • % of media
  • Rev Share
  • More

Product Service Type

  • Managed Service
  • Self Service


  • Increase Online Sales
  • Promote an App
  • Build Awareness

IGAWorks' Locations

IGAWorks Inc.

9F DMCC Bldg, Sangamsan-ro 48-6


Seoul, 121-904


+82 2 3156 8800