Koddi is a travel-focused ad technology that enables advertisers to optimize complex campaigns at scale and drive additional bookings at high returns.

About Koddi

Koddi helps advertisers with hundreds to hundreds of thousands of hotels manage their metasearch and dynamic advertising with the same level of granularity and efficiency that they expect from their most advanced Search campaigns. By consuming data from the client, publishers, and analytics providers we can automate reporting, accelerate analysis, and expose opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Enterprise advertisers using Koddi post hundreds of thousands of bid changes per week and generate complex reports in seconds. They receive alerts when their KPIs shift and can quickly respond to changes, gaining an edge on the competition. Smart clients are choosing Koddi to automate core metasearch management tasks and set their marketing teams free to grow their campaigns, driving thousands of incremental bookings per month.

Koddi Attributes


  • Ad Technology


  • Travel


  • United States Of America


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • More

Pricing Model

  • % of media
  • Subscription
  • Minimum Spend Limit: $35,000/month

Product Service Type

  • Managed Service
  • Self Service


  • Increase Online Sales
  • Build Awareness

Koddi's Locations

Koddi HQ

2821 W 7th St


Fort Worth, TX 76107