Magisto is an AI Powered video production platform. 40,000 businesses use Magisto to scale video creative, Increase brand awareness, leads and sales. Magisto is the fastest way to jumpstart your Facebook video marketing. Join the video revolution!

About Magisto

Magisto is like a superhuman video production team - powered by A.I. 40,000 businesses use Magiso’s video platform and Facebook integration to scale authentic video creative. Increase brand awareness, leads and sales with Magisto, the fastest way to jumpstart your Facebook video marketing. Join the video revolution.

400 million videos were created by Magisto to date.
* Fast - video storytelling as fast as writing a social post.
* Easy - video creation made as easy as powerpoint.
* Effective - video engagement as powerful as a personal meeting, as scalable as digital marketing.

40,000 businesses of all sizes use Magisto to effectively scale video marketing on Facebook. Main features include:
* Facebook Video Creation - an AI. powered video editor helps you create, repurpose and A/B test video creative for Facebook.
* Facebook Integration- upload videos with seamless integration to Facebook Pages and Ads Manager.
* Facebook Video Performance - Integrated engagement analytics show you which videos are working and why.
* Custom Video Solutions - contact us for custom branded solutions and video creative managed services

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