Mamaya is a data-driven creative marketing platform for eCommerce. We use data from your store and relevant 3rd party sources to create dynamic and video ads for retargeting, acquisition and retention.

About Mamaya

It's time for campaigns with both brains and beauty.

We'll use your store data - like product catalogs, sales and promotions, orders and customer behavior, along with relevant 3rd party data like events, news, directories and search trends.

Then, we'll digest this data and generate a new breed of ad campaigns - compelling graphics and videos that are way more personalized, informative, innovative and always in sync with your store. And we'll do that at scale. Big scale.

Mamaya will help your customer acquisition efforts, with automated carousel video ads that are constantly updated to show your best selling products and hottest promotions. We'll build your dynamic retargeting campaign for you, by analyzing your sales and online customer behavior and generating personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram. We'll launch smart upsell and cross-sell retention campaigns that help you maximize your customer LTV.

Serving customers from over 25 countries, Mamaya has offices in Palo Alto, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Mamaya Attributes


  • Ad Technology


  • eCommerce


  • Israel


  • English

Pricing Model

  • Flat Fee
  • % of media

Product Service Type

  • Managed Service
  • Self Service


  • Increase Online Sales
  • Build Awareness

Mamaya's Locations

Palo Alto

550 S. California Ave

Suite 1

Palo Alto, California 94306


Tel Aviv

2 Nahal Besor

Ramat HaSharon, 4720456