Easy and efficient retargeting tool for Shopify store owners.

About RetargetApp

RetargetApp helps re-engage online store visitors who didn’t make a purchase upon their first visit.

Retargeting ads created by our application solve a seemingly eternal problem of customers leaving your website without buying the product by showing them ads with this very product right inside their Facebook Newsfeed or Instagram.

We provide service for small and medium size businesses which get at least 100 visitors daily.

==Key Features:


Quick Start
Unlike every other retargeting tool, we’ve automated our setup, so you can get started right now and boost online sales in just a few clicks.

Bid Optimization
Behind the scenes, we are continuously optimizing the way we bid for the ads that are shown. So, your bids will be always setup correctly to spend less money and bring more profit.

Product Sync
The app automatically updates product description and only available (i.e. in stock) products will be used for ads, so no wasting money on products visitors can’t buy.

RetargetApp Attributes


  • Ad Technology


  • eCommerce


  • Ukraine


  • English
  • Russian

Pricing Model

  • Flat Fee

Product Service Type

  • Managed Service
  • Self Service


  • Increase Online Sales

RetargetApp's Locations

Main Office

Vozdvyzhens'ka St, 48