Sendible is the leading social media management and productivity solution for agencies wanting to deliver a superior service for their clients on social media.

About Sendible

Sendible, an Inc 5000 company, was created more than 8 years ago and is now the leading social media management platform for agencies looking to manage social media more effectively for their clients.

The Sendible platform brings all your social networks together into a centralized hub and is the easiest way to execute a winning social media strategy for multiple brands at scale. Positioned as a productivity tool for agencies, you can be certain that your team will save hours of time with this platform!

With powerful social media engagement, monitoring, publishing, lead generation and reporting features, Sendible gives you all the tools to delight your clients every step of the way.

Sendible's social media automation features help to simplify the process of driving interactions, growing a following and starting conversations on social media. The unified Priority Inbox is loved by brands and agencies alike, who are saving hours each day by consolidating the most important conversations from multiple sources into a single stream. With gorgeous social media reports that are designed to impress, you can deliver both meaningful and impressive-looking insights showcasing your progress on social media.

With one of the most powerful social media content creators on the market, Sendible's sophisticated compose box helps you schedule your social media posts in bulk and at the optimal engagement times throughout the day. Sendible's advanced content suggestion algorithms automatically curate and recommend the best content on the web for your audience, guaranteed to drive engagement and growth.

Sendible offers a free 30-day trial with full access to all features.

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