Shuttlerock is a platform which delivers a dynamic supply of mobile-ready 6-second videos for your Facebook ads. We are a 2016 Facebook Innovation Award winner.

About Shuttlerock

Shuttlerock solves a major creative challenge; how do brands easily produce a scalable supply of 6 second videos for their mobile Facebook ad campaigns?

Our end to end system sources visual content, enhances that content making it ready for ads and integrates with Facebook and other ad tech partners for use in Facebook ad campaigns.

Sourcing Photos and Videos

We make sure that all of the possible useable creative is in one place - the Shuttlerock ContentBank. This includes existing brand creative, Consumer Generated Content, and visual content from employees and advocates through our proprietary white label ContentSquads Mobile App.

Enhancing the Content

We transform normal visual content into vibrant mobile creative. Our Shuttlerock CreativeLabs team is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovating, designing and implementing engaging creative. We curate, consent, link, and enhance content.

Instant Videos

Our Darkroom technology transforms static photos into vibrant short videos.

Facebook ads

With Shuttlerock, dynamic content is dispatched to mobile ad units as a content stream that automatically refreshes ad set creative according to predetermined ad objectives.

We lift ad performance, combat ad fatigue, and allow brands to scale Facebook ads without dropping performance.

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