TheMotion’s award-winning platform enables marketers to create high quality Dynamic Video Ads from product feeds, instantly and at scale. The video ads are automatically updated as product details change and can be used within Facebook Dynamic Ad campaign

About TheMotion

About TheMotion
Today’s consumer has a shorter attention span than ever, but there is no better way to attract and hold that attention than with video. As a format, video has proven itself to be unbeatable, and although it was once only available to companies with large advertising budgets, technology has rapidly evolved, enabling any brand to access video creation. But that is still not enough when your online product catalog changes daily.

TheMotion’s platform has become a game-changer by enabling companies of all sizes to quickly create high quality Dynamic Video Ads that are automatically created and updated every day.

Why Dynamic Video Ads Work
Dynamic Video Ads transform static images and product information into highly engaging, always up to date video ads that reflect a company’s ever-changing product catalog. With unique styles and customized elements created to reflect each brand, Dynamic Video Ads generate more than just brand awareness – they deliver high conversion rates with lower CPAs for an increased ROI. Together with Facebook, Dynamic Video Ads are bringing companies closer to the consumer, conveying brand messages alongside the most relevant and interesting product details.

Why TheMotion
With a unique combination of performance marketing expertise and cutting-edge technology, TheMotion works with some of the largest brands in the e-commerce, travel and classified industries to convert their entire online catalogs into high quality video ads that are proven to drive sales. Now, any company can reach its target audience with Dynamic Video Ads that are generated instantly and at scale. Each product can be featured in a video that is automatically updated with new footage and product details to reflect that day’s stock availability and special offers.

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