Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports delivers marketing analytics for SMBs that tracks the actions of real people, not pixels, and ties marketing programs to real sales across time. It provides accurate actionable metrics, understandable reports, and affordable pricing.

About Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports delivers marketing analytics for SMBs that tracks the actions of real people rather than pixels and accurately ties marketing campaigns to real sales.

It provides accurate, actionable reports on marketing results at each stage of the customer journey from first click to sale.

Designed for small companies, Wicked Reports has a subscription-based pricing model with entry-level options so customers can scale up as they grow.

Wicked Reports uses people-based tracking to provide accurate, actionable and affordable marketing metrics you can use immediately.

• See the entire customer journey from first click to last click with WickedSharp™ data.
• Get full attribution impact assessments for every sale across multiple data sources through time.
• Receive fast, accurate answers to your most pressing business questions asked in simple English with the WickedSmartz™ augmented intelligent interface.
• See the return on your investments in our comprehensive ROI report with charts,icons, and color-coding that present all the data you need and make it easy to understand.
• Employ our report library packed with exclusive reports to learn what works, what doesn’t and how to improve your marketing activities.
• Start small and scale your growth with subscription-based pricing designed for small to medium-sized businesses.
• Rely on WickedFast™ set up to start seeing data you can use and rely on within hours.

With Wicked Reports you can for the first time:

1. Analyze what works and what doesn’t so you increase one and eliminate the other.
2. Find out which email or ad led to sales, even when the sales cycle is longer than a week.
3. Learn where your highest long-term-value customers first heard about you.
4. Measure how long it took them to go from first optin to first sale.
5. Evaluate the ROI of your marketing programs.
6. Know whether you are making money on your marketing.

Our customers love Wicked Reports because we make their lives easier.

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