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Take your social ad & video optimization to the next level. Wylei’s next generation AI takes the guesswork out of social ad creative and dynamically assembles ads from your assets to determine which will have the highest conversion rate for each segment.

About Wylei, Inc.

Wylei, a pioneer in Predictive AI cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation, enables the creation and delivery of real-time, optimized ad creatives to achieve 30-200% lift in conversion rates for huge ROI.

Our patented Wylei Predictive Content™ technology automatically delivers real-time digital content that is assembled and displayed based on context, user behavior and preferences for email, video, and the web.

And now we have combined our proven conversion optimization Predictive AI and patented Dynamic ad assembly with the power of the Facebook and Instagram Ads platforms – creating Wylei Predictive Social campaigns.

Wylei’s Predictive Social Campaigns utilizes our patented predictive AI and dynamic content assembly engine to move beyond simple A/B testing – refining thousands of multi-variate ad combinations. Wylei finds the ads that perform and drops the ones that don’t – all automatically and in near real time.

At the same time, Wylei’s AI/machine learning engine tests and identifies new patterns and characteristics of target customers faster than humanly possible – providing companies new insights into how to connect with their customer base.

Wylei is already working with high profile consumer and technology brands transforming their digital marketing results by 20, 30, 40, even 200%.

Come discover what Wylei can do for you!

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