An Update on the Media Buying Specialty

We designed Facebook Marketing Partners to build better performance marketers through great partner matches. When we first piloted the program in 2015, we sought to recognize and reward excellence in eight categories of digital expertise. After careful consideration and in an effort to streamline the program, we’ll be winding down support for the Media Buying specialty for Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners.

We have found that the Blueprint Certification, which recognizes an individual buyer’s competency with Facebook and Instagram products, better suits the need of the market and of our agency partners. So on December 31, 2016, we will no longer carry a badge for the Media Buyer specialty and will remove the category from our Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners website.

As always our focus is to drive marketer outcomes through people-based marketing, and we believe that we can best achieve this by focusing the program on partners building on our API. Agencies and partners who deliver marketing services remain a crucial part of the Facebook ecosystem, and we will continue to work with those partners through our normal channels. Media Buyer partners that have other specialties will retain those badges, while also maintaining the ability to pursue other specialties.

We value and appreciate the partnerships over the lifespan of the Media Buying specialty. Any partners with questions or feedback can reach out to their Facebook representative.


Recent News

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Canvas is a full-screen, mobile experience that lets businesses and creators tell rich stories in a native, post-click environment designed to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Canvas is tailored towards educating and acquiring customers for advertisers. It also solves the problem of slow website load times by nearly instantaneously loading upon ad click. Canvases can be created via the Canvas builder and are accessible through Page and ads creation interfaces. We are now opening the capability to create Canvases via the API.

Innovation Spotlight 2017: We’re looking for a few good innovators

We’re pleased to announced that entries are now being accepted for the Innovation Spotlight 2017 competition.

Open to developers, agencies and Partners, Innovation Spotlight is our annual showcase for the year’s most exciting innovations across Facebook and Instagram.