Expanding Facebook Marketing Partner Measurement Specialty

In addition to the blog post last month on the Facebook Business website about the expansion of our people-based measurement partnerships, we’re proud to announce that we’re adding even more measurement partners to the Facebook Marketing Partner program. We’ve worked with many of these partners for years, and the partnerships demonstrate Facebook’s commitment to the third party measurement ecosystem. The sixteen new measurement Partners each have unique capabilities and help advertisers measure the audience outcomes, brand outcomes, and sales outcomes that matter to them. By focusing on the metrics that matter, these partners make it even easier for marketers to drive real business results. This expanded line-up of measurement specialists gives marketers the ability to use the tools they already use to measure Facebook, Instagram and other media.

Helping to solve the measurement challenge

The list of Partners we’re adding to the program includes Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix), Visual IQ, MarketShare and more. The Partners will be grouped under three new sub-specialties underneath the overall measurement umbrella:

  1. Audience Measurement and Audience Viewability
  2. Brand Measurement
  3. Lift Measurement, Advanced Attribution, Basic Attribution, and Marketing Mix Modeling

Whether your goal is to drive sales in-store or online, increase app installs, or build your brand, it’s important to be confident that your marketing dollars are delivering those results. These new Partnerships will help provide those insights. We welcome all of these companies to the Facebook Marketing Partner family.

Recent News

Introducing the Canvas Creation API

Canvas is a full-screen, mobile experience that lets businesses and creators tell rich stories in a native, post-click environment designed to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Canvas is tailored towards educating and acquiring customers for advertisers. It also solves the problem of slow website load times by nearly instantaneously loading upon ad click. Canvases can be created via the Canvas builder and are accessible through Page and ads creation interfaces. We are now opening the capability to create Canvases via the API.

Innovation Spotlight 2017: We’re looking for a few good innovators

We’re pleased to announced that entries are now being accepted for the Innovation Spotlight 2017 competition.

Open to developers, agencies and Partners, Innovation Spotlight is our annual showcase for the year’s most exciting innovations across Facebook and Instagram.