Meet the Innovation Spotlight Winner for Creativity Around Video

As people use technology in new ways, marketers face new challenges: how to produce great creative work at scale, how to drive measurable results for clients, and how to reach people across their many devices. Innovation Spotlight is our annual showcase for the year’s most exciting new marketing technologies built on our API to solve these challenges. These technologies—built by our industry partners—make it easier and more effective for businesses to advertise on Facebook.

Innovation Spotlight winners: Personalized Marketing at Scale category

Facebook is all about marketing to people, not at people. It’s our ability to deliver personalized marketing at scale – advertising that’s relevant to the audience marketers want to reach– that leads to better results for everyone. Partners help make this possible by innovating on our platform and finding new ways to allow companies to deliver meaningful creative and experiences to people on mobile devices, wherever they are.

Part 1 of 3: Watch the feature video for Innovation Spotlight Real Results winner, GotU

GotU gives local advertisers the ability to target people just in the areas around their store locations, and then optimize reach and frequency for best results. By showing ads to a specific target audience the right number of times, in a specific timeframe, GotU can provide real results and a higher probability for a real-life activity, like a phone call or an in-store visit.

Innovation Spotlight winners: Real Results category

Without real data and insights, a marketer’s job can consist of a lot of unknowns or, even worse, a misguided focus on numbers that don’t reflect real business results. But thanks to the work of innovators, like the Partners, developers and agencies who have entered Innovation Spotlight, we now know when online engagement leads to foot traffic or a phone call, and why. We have clarity into what works and the knowledge to make improvements when it doesn’t. The days of guessing and vanity metrics are coming to a close. We now live in a world of real results.