Custom Audiences will no longer match vanity URLs

Starting Thursday June 4th, advertisers can no longer match a person by uploading their vanity email address via Custom Audiences (i.e. ( or ( This is part of our ongoing initiatives to ensure advertisers are creating high-quality ads and ensure advertisers are abiding by the Custom Audiences terms of service.

Last year, we announced that advertisers will need to specify one or many App IDs when creating Custom Audiences based on the Facebook user ID or app-scoped user ID in Ads Create Tool, Power Editor, and API. As a work around advertisers, decided to append ( to user names or UID for Custom Audience email uploads.

As a reminder, our Custom Audiences Terms of Service state that you have to “have provided appropriate notice to and secured any necessary consent from the data subjects whose data will be hashed to create the Hashed Data.” Link to our CA tos:

This will only impact advertisers that were uploading email address via Custom Audiences. If you were uploading emails, you will no longer be able to match those users via Custom Audiences.

If you are not uploading email addresses via custom audiences no action is required.

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