Facebook Innovation Spotlight finalists: Personalized Marketing at Scale

We’re proud to announce the finalists for our Personalized Marketing at Scale category of Innovation Spotlight. Special thanks to all the agencies, developers and Partners who sent to us their technologies or services that enable scalable personalization for marketers. We were spoiled for choice once again, with an amazing selection of work to choose from.

  • AiTarget Aitarget Video automatically creates video and customizes it depending on a user’s location. All you need is to choose cities where your business is, pull your best images into their interface and combine them. What’s produced is video relevant to users in their city.
  • Acxiom – By matching an organization’s own data on Facebook, marketers can find and reach customers on Facebook in a way never before possible. Relevant content shows up right in their News Feed, with Facebook ads delivering personalized, people-based marketing at scale.
  • Driftrock – Driftrock’s Blueprints is a tool that allows you to easily create personalized lead generation campaigns at scale, as well as making sure that the correct person sees your ad at the correct time. It’s easy to use, for both lead cards and carousels.
  • Experian – Experian is the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive Marketing Suite that unites customer insights, analytics, data quality and cross-channel marketing technology into a single platform.
  • Eyeview Eyeview enables marketers to drive sales and superior return on investment through 1-to-1 video delivering the most relevant message to every consumer across television, desktop, mobile and Facebook.
  • Falcon.io – The Falcon platform enables marketers to finally have a multifaceted understanding of an individual customer at scale. This empowers marketers to optimize all brand interactions based on a personal understanding of the customer.
  • Sailthru – Sailthru is a customer retention platform helping marketers at leading retail and media companies build deeper relationships with their customers by personalizing individual customer experiences across digital communication channels in email, on a brand’s website and in their mobile applications.

We’ll narrow down the above list to our three winners, which will be announced on September 8. Thanks again to everyone who entered their work, and congratulations to all of the finalists.

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