Facebook Marketing Partners Content Marketing category is becoming Creative Platforms

Facebook Marketing Partners Content Marketing Specialty is becoming Creative Platforms

The Facebook Marketing Partners program is built on the idea that great things happen when the right solution meets the right need. We categorize partners based on the areas of expertise marketers need most because better partner matches improve performance for marketers.

Today we’re announcing a name change to one of those categories. Content Marketing will now be called Creative Platforms. This change reflects a more accurate representation of what our partners do, and is intended to give marketers a clearer understanding of the capabilities available to them.

Why the change?

Over time, industry labels and terms change, and we want our terminology to reflect that. Today, Content Marketing typically refers to a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience. The content usually includes things like articles, infographics, e-books and long form video.

By contrast, our Partners from this category provide marketers with technology that helps them source, enhance or manage video and image assets. They provide platforms that help marketers work with creative assets, which are different than Content Marketing.

More about Creative Platform Partners

Creative Platform Partners, formerly called Content Marketing Partners, help marketers address a number of creative challenges, including how to increase the efficiency of sourcing, curating and creating effective Facebook and Instagram creative at scale. Generally, these Partners fall under three categories:

    • Marketplaces – these Partners connect marketers with networks of writers, directors, video editors and other creative
    • User Generated Content – these Partners facilitate the acquiring of rights to consumer images and videos from social channels
    • Personalization – these Partners enable large-scale creation of personalized or custom video based on CRM signals or other inputs

In short, these Partners can help marketers find content creators, promote content on Facebook and Instagram more efficiently, provide marketing insights and to use technological platforms that help to do this all at scale.

Find a Creative Platform Partner

If you’re looking for a new partner, or interested in exploring the services these Partners provide, visit our Facebook Marketing Partners website. We believe that by making this change we are making a better experience for marketers who are looking to find the Partner to help them achieve their objectives.

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