Finding customers close to you

A local business’s best audience is right on its doorstep. So to make it easier for businesses to reach local customers and boost in-store sales, we’re launching local awareness ads. Whether your client is a café owner with a delicious lunch special, a florist running a discount on bouquets, or a new local business drumming up awareness and customers, they’ll get maximum local reach at the lowest possible cost with local awareness ads.

Running a local awareness ad is easy. Using the easy map interface, simply choose a flexible radius for ad delivery. The ads will then reach visitors and people who live in this neighborhood. For even greater effect, you can choose to add a Get Directions call to action button on this ad unit, which will help mobile customers find the business more easily.

With local awareness ads, your desired ad budget is used more consistently. The ads will also maximize your return on investment, which is vital for small businesses that don’t have big advertising budgets. To find out more about building local business ads, see our API documentation.

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