GPS 2016 recap part 3: Ads API best practices


The third post in our six-part series recapping the best of Global Partner Summit features a session from our Build track entitled “Ads API best practices.” The Build track allowed the audience to hear about product roadmaps directly from Facebook and Instagram engineers and executives, and get down to business with industry experts, marketers, developers and fellow Partners.

Led by Facebook Solutions Engineers Thiago Moraes and Jordan Rogers-Smith, “Ads API best practices” answers both basic and advanced questions, such as, How should I pull insights data?, What’s the best way to optimize my ads? and, What should I do about bugs? Watch the video today, or check out the 2016 Global Partners Summit website to view all the keynote and day two track presentations.

Next week’s post will focus on Gabriel Francis’s presentation from the Learn track, “Driving Brand Awareness and Demand.”

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