Innovation Spotlight 2017: We’re looking for a few good innovators

We’re pleased to announced that entries are now being accepted for the Innovation Spotlight 2017 competition.

Open to developers, agencies and Partners, Innovation Spotlight is our annual showcase for the year’s most exciting innovations across Facebook and Instagram.

Winners get ad credits, will be profiled in Facebook videos and blog posts and will be prominently featured at some of the industry’s largest events, like Cannes and dmexco.

Last year’s Innovation Spotlight was our most successful ever. We received entries from eighty-five companies across twenty countries, with Partner ReFUEL4 being named our Innovator of the Year for their work in solving ad fatigue through fast creative iterations.

New categories. Better process.

This year we have new categories and a streamlined process. All three competitions will run in succession and one winner will be awarded per category. The new categories are:

Creativity Around Video. Creative video takes a long time and a lot of resources. Marketers are not repurposing TV spots in different environments. Your technology or service helps source and deliver quality video at scale. Submissions now open. Entries due by April 3rd. Winners announced May 16th.

Omnichannel Online and Offline Sales. Tying offline and online sales is hard. Marketers need help connecting all the various systems. Your technology or service helps solve complex marketer challenges in a distinctive and innovative way. Entries due by May 30th. Winners will be announced July 19th.

Driving Results. Marketers need help driving results. And they need help to make it easier, more efficient and have their marketing be more effective. Your technology or service has changed businesses for the better and helped clients drive results. Submissions open May 31st. Entries due by July 31st. Winners will be announced September 9th.

Learn more about the competition, see last year’s winners and more at the Innovation Spotlight website. And be sure to send us your best technology and marketing solutions. Who will be the next great innovator? It might be you.

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