Meet the Innovation Spotlight Winner for Driving Results


Marketers need help in order to drive real results. They also need help to make it easier, more efficient and have their marketing be more effective. We created the ‘Driving Results’ category of Innovation Spotlight to help celebrate and honor the best technology or service that has changed businesses and helped clients drive real results.

Today, we’re pleased to name Koddi the winner in our ‘Driving Results’ category.

Koddi has one of the most robust feature sets on the market in the travel vertical. The platform serves as a centralized location for campaign management, allowing marketers to manage multiple campaigns in just one platform.

From creation to bid management, Koddi was designed to address every facet of campaign management by helping marketers apply the same level of rigor, granularity in management and accountability to both social and meta-search campaigns that they would expect from any other digital channel. As a result, the platform saves marketers time and allows them to focus on making strategic decisions that push company objectives forward.

Innovation Spotlight is our annual call for the year’s most exciting new marketing technologies built on our API to solve challenges like these. We look to our inventive industry partners to create more effective ways for businesses to advertise on Facebook.

We’d like to salute Koddi and say thanks to everyone who participated. To see all the winners from this year in helping solve marketer challenges, learn more at Innovation Spotlight.


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