A/B testing ads in Instagram Stories to optimise conversion rates

KB Kookmin Card



Marketing Partner


To raise awareness for a new credit card, eMFORCE collaborated with KB Kookmin Card to improve the performance of video ads in Instagram Stories and find which ads resonated with millennials, resulting in a threefold increase in clicks.



increase in CTR (compared to Instagram Feed ads)


lower CPC (compared to previous campaign)


Multi-channel approach

eMFORCE is a digital marketing agency that specialises in advertising and marketing communication strategies across various digital media. Their ad technology is able to process data across multiple channels to improve the performance of campaigns.



Getting the word out

KB Kookmin wanted to raise awareness for its new credit card. Partnering with eMFORCE, they aimed to increase the number of cards issued to people in their 20s and 30s, using Facebook, Instagram and ads in Instagram Stories.



“eMFORCE was able to produce highly effective feed ads, testing the performance of various video ad formats. As a result, the video ads in Instagram Stories performed well in terms of view and conversion rates. Users who saw ads in Instagram Stories were more likely to sign up for a credit card. Since the active user base of Facebook and Instagram matches our target audience, they were the optimal platforms for our campaign.”

Lee Yun Kyoung, Brand Strategy Department / Assistant Manager, KB Kookmin Card


“Inspired by the success of the campaign, KB Kookmin Card continues to advertise in Instagram Stories while maximising the effectiveness of advertising through retargeting users that viewed their Stories.”

Kim Joo Seong, SNS AD Team / Account Executive, eMFORCE


Putting ads to the test

To raise awareness of the new credit card among the target audience, eMFORCE used highly effective ads from existing Instagram Feed campaigns and improved them further for Instagram Stories.


The ads were differentiated by type of advertisement, ad copy, colour tone and themes. The campaign then A/B tested the different video ads in Instagram Stories for each gender and age, determining the ads with a high response and conversion rate for each.

The campaign encouraged Stories users to click-through by adding a ‘Learn more’ button and then retarget the ad viewers. Placing an ‘Apply now’ button in the retargeting ads helped to increase the conversion rate.


To ensure the campaign reached the right audience, eMFORCE targeted South Koreans aged 18-34, using Lookalike Audience, interest targeting and retargeting. The combination of interests and website visitor targeting helped to increase impressions and clicks. The campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories.





Playing their cards right

The collaboration between eMFORCE and KB Kookmin Card increased interest among the target audience at a lower cost. The campaign ran for two weeks in April 2017 and achieved:

  • 23% increase in CTR (compared to Instagram Feed ads)
  • 30% lower CPC (compared to previous campaign)