A big push for House of Fun

Pacific Interactive



Marketing Partner

Online gaming studio Pacific Interactive used Facebook to acquire 1 million new players per quarter for its House of Fun app, while achieving a 4.5X return and a 7X increase in average revenue per user (ARPU) in nine months.

1 million

new players every quarter


decrease in cost per install


increase in return

Their Story

Top social game studio

Pacific Interactive is one of the world’s leading social game studios with a portfolio of games including House of Fun, a social gaming app hosting over 50 slots games. Managed by an expert team of experienced gaming industry pioneers, Pacific Interactive invites players to experience multi-platform games, state of the art graphics and excellent sound effects.

Their Goal

Boosting sales and return on investment

Pacific Interactive wanted to position House of Fun as a leading Facebook gaming app and improve its return on investment while working within its existing budget. It also wanted to acquire new players, increase sales to registered players, and re-engage inactive players.

“Bidalgo delivered the highest ROI and quality traffic we ever achieved. Their team of extremely knowledgeable professionals made the most of our multi-million dollar marketing budget. They cut our expenses significantly, slashed our CPI, and continue to keep it stable. The decision to work with Bidalgo was a game-changer for House of Fun, and its team remains an essential factor in our current and future efforts to become the leading social gaming company.”
Ezra Regev, COO, Pacific Interactive

Their Solution

Laser-sharp audience targeting

Pacific Interactive teamed up with Bidalgo, an official Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), specializing in Facebook performance advertising, to develop a targeted, cost-effective marketing strategy. Pacific Interactive first fine-tuned its Facebook Page, packing it with games, contests, and apps, and inviting people to earn rewards, win prizes, and interact with the gaming community and the brand. Bidalgo created a range of Facebook Ads for the House of Fun slots app to appeal to specific audiences, and used Facebook’s Action Spec Targeting combined with its own tools to analyze players’ actions. This ensured that the ads reached the most qualified and appropriate audiences and reduced the cost per install. Using these details, it then honed in on specific target markets, testing and running ads in News Feed for optimum effect and visibility. Pacific Interactive then focused on registered inactive players. By analyzing their activities, Bidalgo could use Facebook’s advanced API targeting options and custom audiences to present them with personalized ads offering free game plays and other perks. It also targeted them with a series of ‘New Game’ release ads, which are known to have a high success rate among gamers.

Their Success

More players, more revenue

This targeted Facebook campaign allowed Pacific Interactive to increase its number of players and boost the amount of revenue per user.

  • 7x average revenue per user (ARPU) in nine months
  • 1 million new players every quarter
  • 25% decrease in cost per install
  • 4.5x increase in return