A mobile-first marketing campaign



Success Story

The travel brand used Facebook to reach its audience on mobile to drive both app installs and increase bookings via the app.


increase in app installs in 5 months


lower cost per install


return on ad spend

Their Story

Convenient travel

Yatra is an Indian travel service provider that allows globetrotters to book flights, hotels, transport and holiday packages around the world. Half of the company’s bookings come via its mobile app, and the company is noticing an increasing amount of mobile traffic.

Their Goal

Reaching for the sky

Yatra’s marketing approach was becoming increasingly mobile-centric. It wanted to reach the right people, increase mobile app installs by 3.4X and drive more revenue from app users while reducing the cost per install by 20%.

Being in a mobile-first economy, our current focus is to engage users on our app. Facebook proved to be a key channel, helping us grow install volumes by 3.2X and drive significant revenue through mobile app campaigns with comprehensive use of Facebook analytics and tools, which allow us to target the right audience and engage with them.


-Animesh Kumar, Head – Marketing & Alliances, Yatra

Their Solution

A 2-pronged approach

12057252_418307008369527_1359491903_nYatra split its campaign into 2 phases and partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner Tookitaki to execute a sophisticated targeting strategy. The first phase lasted 5 months (January 1–May 31, 2015) and focused on driving app installs. App engagement was the priority in phase 2, which ran for a month in May 2015.

In phase one, Yatra ran mobile app ads to drive people from their mobile News Feed directly to Google Play and the iOS App Store, while link ads in both mobile and desktop News Feed drove people to the app install page on the company’s website. The company also used carousel ads for app installs, which helped significantly bring down the cost per install.

To ensure it reached the right people, Yatra used Lookalike Audiences to target people who resembled existing app users. It used behavioural targeting to target people based on their interests (like travel) and only targeted smartphone owners.

To attract travel lovers, Yatra used Tookitaki’s consumer insights platform to discover what content was trending among travellers so it could design personalised creative to grab their attention. The company then targeted ad creative to people based on interests and behaviour: for example, people who enjoy travel or use smartphones.

To keep its cost per install low during phase 2, Yatra ran a highly targeted campaign. Its tech and marketing teams then worked with Facebook to implement App Events, which allowed it to learn more about how people were using the app. The company used those insights to segment its audience based on people’s behaviour in the app, such as booking a hotel, searching for information or initiating (but not completing) a purchase.

Finally, Yatra used Custom Audiences to retarget its app users with app engagement ads and encourage them to book their travel via the app.

Their Success

In the right direction

12057246_1496512930675838_1007653332_nFacebook helped Yatra take advantage of the opportunities in the mobile market and achieve its goals of driving more app installs while lowering its installation costs.

Yatra’s campaign achieved these results:

  • 5X increase in app installs
  • 15–20% lower cost per install
  • 28X return on ad spend