Automating dynamic ad campaigns with a Facebook Marketing Partner



NoahMob Co., Limited

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Success Story

The advertising agency and Facebook Marketing Partner, NoahMob used its FB Ad Tool to automate and optimize the dynamic ad campaign for ecommerce retailer DHgate, resulting in a 20% increase in sales.


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Their Story

Optimizing ad campaigns

NoahMob is a Facebook Marketing Partner that helps clients, like ecommerce retailer DHgate, optimize their campaigns. Using its FB Ad Tool, the partner enables advertisers to automatically create campaigns, optimize for the most effective KPIs, select the best audience and improve their returns.

Their Goal

Optimizing online sales

NoahMob wanted to help DHgate simplify its advertising process, specifically when creating dynamic ad campaigns. Ultimately, the brand wanted to increase online sales.

“We have increased our platform sales, thanks to our partnership with NoahMob. We’ve also enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of our Facebook campaign management and automatically increased our target audience. This successful campaign is a testament to the teamwork between Facebook, NoahMob and our internal DHgate team. We will certainly continue to run more campaigns on Facebook with NoahMob.”

– Sebastien Zhong, Director of Marketing, DHgate

“With this partnership opportunity, we have further improved the function of our own ad platform and entered a new level of understanding. This has enabled us to better apply Facebook’s dynamic ads format. DHgate’s dynamic ad campaign also resulted in a simple and quick expansion of its audience. Our in-depth partnership with DHgate makes us ready to reach more ecommerce customers in the near future.”

– Allen Lee, Product Director, NoahMob

Their Solution

Boosting sales with automated ads

DHgate partnered with NoahMob to help it manage and improve the performance of its ad campaigns. NoahMob immediately identified a few ways to help the wholesale ecommerce retailer generate more sales.


First, the team used data from the Facebook pixel to evaluate people’s behavior on DHgate’s website. Based on this information, NoahMob used its FB Ad Tool to automatically create a dynamic ad campaign. Dynamic ads are automatically filled from the advertiser’s product catalogue and are delivered to people who had already interacted with the advertiser’s website.


The partner used the “Viewed,” “Added to Cart,” and “Purchased” standard events to reach people who completed these actions on the DHgate website, and used its platform to optimize the ads’ delivery to these people.


Then, to reach even more people, the team selected the lookalike audience targeting tool, ensuring the ad was delivered to people aged 18–65 in the US, Australia, Canada and England who might be interested in DHgate’s products.

Their Success

Strong sales success


NoahMob’s optimized strategy and automated campaign, made possible by its FB Ad Tool, boosted online sales for ecommerce wholesaler DHgate. The company’s campaign, which started in May 2017, also achieved:

  • 36% decrease in the cost of labor
  • 20% increase in sales