Automating dynamic ads to reach fashion shoppers



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Success Story

The online shopping mall joined forces with Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media to launch a retargeting campaign that would automatically match its more than 27 million products with its website visitors, resulting in a 4X return on ad spend.


increase in conversion rate


increase in return on ad spend


decrease in cost per conversion

Their Story

Automating digital ads

DMC Media is an integrated digital media agency whose F-1 solution helps companies like InterparkShopping, a South Korean online shopping mall, improve ad performance and increase return on investment.

Their Goal

Targeting fashion lovers

The company wanted to broaden its customer base and increase sales in some of its lesser-known product categories, such as fashion.

Launching a Facebook dynamic ads campaign was the best choice to reach the right audience with more relevant content. In addition, partnering with DMC Media helped us quickly create and segment an audience group effectively. We achieved strong revenue growth and high return on ad spend through this campaign. We will definitely continue this momentum and maximize our growth through this partnership

-Solyi Kang, Marketing Manager, InterparkShopping

Their Solution

Dynamic shopping


With the help of Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media, InterparkShopping launched a retargeting campaign with dynamic ads to encourage people to shop its less popular product categories.

Through its F-1 platform, DMC Media implemented the Facebook pixel and an SDK to help it track people’s actions on the InterparkShopping website, without needing to integrate the ecommerce company’s expansive product catalog.

Using this information, the company targeted a Custom Audience based on the products people viewed on the InterparkShopping website, as well as the items they added to the online shopping cart or had purchased in the past. The F-1 platform then segmented this audience based on the type of product in which they recently showed interest.

The F-1 platform also automatically mapped out InterparkShopping’s more than 27 million products and about 1,000 categories, and matched them with the Facebook format. That task would have required an enormous time commitment from InterparkShopping, but took the F-1 platform just 3 minutes to complete.

InterparkShopping then served its target audience with dynamic ads that the F-1 platform automatically populated with relevant content and resized depending on the viewer’s platform and device.

Finally, the F-1 platform automatically reallocated InterparkShopping’s ad budget to maximize its campaign goals—in this case, to drive online sales.

Their Success

Shopping for success

DMC Media’s F-1 platform enabled InterparkShopping to reach an audience that it hadn’t been able to in the past. The campaign, which launched in August 2016, also achieved:


  • 75X increase in conversion rate
  • 4X increase in return on ad spend
  • 81% decrease in cost per conversion