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The secret to scaling success

The UAE online shopping website used Facebook marketing tools to scale up without compromising its other KPIs, resulting in a 7X increase in sales conversions.


more sale conversions


higher return on investment


higher marketing volume

Their Story

Online shopping, real-world dropping is UAE’s trend-setting online shopping website. It’s the home to low and exclusive discounted prices on electronic products and home appliances. With its own fleet of delivery vans, it can deliver any order within 24 hours.

Their Goal

Scaling up sales

AWOK wanted increase traffic to its website and increase conversions while maintaining a favorable cost per conversion and return on investment.

“Dynamic product ads have proven to be really good for us. We’ve not only been able to reduce our conversion costs and increase traffic, but also vastly improve the efficiency of creating and maintaining campaigns.”
Ulugbek Yuldashev, Managing Director, AWOK

Their Solution

Dynamic strategy

11409221_835232969879893_1249090982_nIt can be challenging to managing a large number of campaigns and remarket thousands of products. By working closely with Facebook Marketing Partner, AWOK was able to scale without increasing its workload or compromising on other KPIs.’s Dynamic Image Template made it easy for AWOK to create eye-catching dynamic images of all of its products. AWOK could personalize its ad creative by adjusting image sizes, adding dynamic text, changing shapes or using different colour filters. Then all it had to do was edit the dynamic image template once and it could be used to automatically update thousands of ad permutations with one click.

Their Success

Soaring return on investment

11414372_1019310594748423_1845858660_nThroughout the campaign, AWOK was able to closely monitor campaign performance and optimize accordingly using advanced reporting tools from its marketing partner Smartly.
In a short time, AWOK achieved the things every ecommerce website dreams of: scaling its marketing volume, gaining more conversions, and increasing its return on investment. As an example, over one month in February 2015, its impressive campaign results include:
  • 7X more sales conversions
  • 1.4X higher return on investment
  • 2X higher marketing volume