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Success Story

Fast growing car classifieds

With the help of its Facebook Marketing Partner, Carmudi used dynamic product ads to drive leads and increase cost efficiencies.


higher click-through rate


decrease in cost per acquisition

Their Story

Digital marketplace

Carmudi, a Rocket Internet company, is an international automotive marketplace for cars and motorcycles. With operations in 20 countries, it relies strongly on digital marketing, including Facebook advertising, to reach and engage its customers.

Their Goal

Towards marketing automation

Carmudi wanted to increase the number of leads generated and improve its advertising performance. Together with Facebook Marketing Partner, it took advantage of a new Facebook product: dynamic product ads.

“Through dynamic product ads, we increased the number of visits 1.5X compared to regular website Custom Audience campaigns, while investing only one-third of the budget.”
Enrico Ferrari, Global Head of Online Marketing, Carmudi

Their Solution

Flexible format

Facebook and took a further step towards fully-automated ad creation, management and retargeting processes by developing dynamic product ads. These ads help advertisers reduce manual work while increasing return on investment and reducing the cost per acquisition.

Dynamic product ads support the multi-product ad format. Each ad type contains an individual message, image, link and caption, making multi-product ads a much more effective way to advertise products or services and drive people to a website.

Their Success

Show me the results


Over the 14 days that Carmudi Indonesia tested the dynamic product ads during the first quarter of 2015, the company achieved the following:

  • 9X higher click-through rate compared to usual performance
  • 83% decrease in average cost per lead from dynamic product ads compared to website Custom Audiences and user acquisition campaigns