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KB Insurance



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Success Story

The insurance company worked with Facebook Marketing Partner and digital agency eMFORCE to launch a 3-stage targeting and retargeting campaign, which drove a 5.25X increase in auto insurance conversion rates on its mobile site.


increase in conversion rate


lower cost per acquisition

Their Story

Integrating digital medias

eMFORCE is a digital marketing agency and Facebook Marketing Partner that helps clients, such as South Korean non-life insurance provider KB Insurance, run integrated campaigns across a number of media channels, including Facebook and Instagram.

Their Goal

Auto insurance on the move

KB Insurance wanted to drive actions on the mobile site in which it recently invested. For this particular campaign, the company wanted to boost website conversions of auto insurance via its mobile platform.

It was really exciting to see Facebook’s core targeting at work on this campaign. With other channels, it’s relatively hard to find that connection between potential customers and visiting customers; but with Facebook, we were able to differentiate between these two audiences, and serve them with creative messaging that’s optimized for each target group.

-Suyoung Park, SNS Marketing Manager, eMFORCE

We’ve been operating a Facebook Page for a year, but this campaign was our first effort to connect our sales and branding missions. Facebook’s core targeting helped us connect our communications channel directly with the consumer. We also used the Facebook pixel to target diverse groups with unique messaging. As a result, we increased sales with a minimal ad expense.

-HyunKyu Choi, Direct Marketing Manager, KB Insurance

Their Solution

A 3-part mobile plan

inline-image_aKB Insurance worked with marketing agency eMFORCE to develop a 3-stage plan to boost auto insurance conversions over the company’s mobile site.

Insightful audience groups
First, the team evaluated Page Insights and data from its past campaigns to better understand the people who were already interacting with KB Insurance. From these insights, the company segmented its audience into four groups based on people’s age and interests.

Optimizing with custom creative
Next, the company developed different creative that was optimized for each of these four groups. The team created a series of videos, including an engaging 360-degree virtual-reality video, and targeted them to the four segmented audiences from stage one.

The team also closely monitored the campaign and adjusted the budget based on the performance of each audience group. For instance, KB Insurance found the group of women in their mid- to late-20s was performing exceptionally well, so eMFORCE began reallocating more of its ad spend to this audience.

Retargeting for auto conversions
Finally, to further move people to convert on KB Insurance’s mobile site, the team retargeted the people who viewed its video ads. The company also used the Facebook pixel to identify people who visited its website, and target prospective customers and existing clients, as well as a lookalike audience based on them.

Their Success

Covering custom creative

Pairing strategically targeted ads with custom creative proved to be a great success for eMFORCE and its client KB Insurance. The campaign also achieved:


  • 5.25X increase in conversion rate
  • 74% lower cost per acquisition