Flying high with dynamic ads




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Success Story

An airline giant reached a relevant audience on a huge scale—and saw bookings take off—when it fine-tuned its dynamic ads with powerful optimisation solutions from Facebook Marketing Partner Adphorus.


increase in bookings


higher conversion rate, compared to other remarketing campaigns


lower cost per booking

Their Story

First for relevance

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the world’s first airline, has always been a forward-thinking brand that values innovation. Relevance is a key priority for all of its customer interactions—particularly for its social media strategy.

Their Goal

Cost-effective sales

KLM wanted to boost the number of travel bookings in the UK market, while driving down the cost per booking.

We knew that making dynamic ads a part of our Facebook strategy could be very powerful. Because of the complexities of the airline business model, we asked Adphorus to help us adapt this product to our business so that we could achieve these outstanding results.

-Christiaan van de Koppel, Social Commerce Manager, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Their Solution

Taking it to a new level


KLM needed a campaign approach that was compatible with its own specific business model, where the products are a constantly changing range of flights and fares. To achieve this, it decided to try retargeted dynamic ads, and asked travel advertising specialist and Facebook Marketing Partner Adphorus to help hone its campaign strategy.


Adphorus worked with KLM and its social media marketing agency Storm Digital to adapt Facebook’s default dynamic ads and create personalised retargeted ads on a large scale. Using its own Dynamic Creative Template with the Facebook Product Catalogue, Adphorus created numerous ad sets by dynamically layering KLM’s branding, destinations and fares onto relevant images. Adphorus then used its predictive optimisation algorithm Marvin, which manages bidding and optimises spend to the best-performing ad sets, to improve the campaign’s performance.

Their Success

Happy landings

KLM’s dynamic ads campaign more than quadrupled its number of UK bookings, with significantly higher conversion rates and at a lower cost per booking than other types of retargeting campaigns. Over 10 days in March 2016, the campaign achieved:


  • 4.5X increase in bookings
  • 62% decrease in cost per booking
  • 87% higher conversion rate than other remarketing campaigns