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Success Story

The gaming developer joined forces with Facebook Marketing Partner DAU-UP to attract new and paying players to its bingo-inspired mobile game, resulting in higher player engagement and a nearly 20% increase in return on ad spend.


increase in player engagement


increase in conversion rate, from install to deposit


increase in return on ad spend

Their Story

Gaming and acquisition

Facebook Marketing Partner DAU-UP provides a tailored user acquisition solution to mobile gaming advertisers, optimizing creative and targeting via its proprietary technology. Game developer Playtika’s Bingo Blitz game adds exciting features to the traditional game.

Their Goal

Finding paying players

Playtika turned to DAU-UP to help increase its conversions by encouraging people who download Bingo Blitz to fully engage with the game and eventually become paying players.

Facebook is one of the top acquisition channels for Bingo Blitz, and DAU-UP helped us identify the right creative execution to breathe new life into our marketing strategy. We were extremely impressed by the video creative DAU-UP produced, and our target audience clearly felt the same. DAU-UP’s technology and expertise on Facebook continues to deliver fantastic and often surprising results.

-Shlomi Aizenberg, EVP Marketing, Monetization and Product, Playtika

Their Solution

Optimizing video ads


Using its proprietary data hub to determine the best audience to target, DAU-UP found that Playtika’s current audience targeting strategy was working well. The company therefore decided to focus on optimizing the Bingo Blitz ad creative for Facebook.


To do this, DAU-UP created a set of video ads optimized for small-screen devices. The videos not only looked like they belonged in Facebook’s mobile News Feed, but that format was also the best-suited for people on Facebook most likely to download the mobile game.


The video ads used exciting in-game footage of Bingo Blitz play to encourage people to install the game. DAU-UP tested various creative concepts and determined that using actual footage would set an accurate expectation for people who download the app, open it and start playing. To reach more of Playtika’s already-engaged audience, DAU-UP created a lookalike audience based on the developer’s previous campaigns that had generated top engagement and conversion rates from installer to paying player.

Their Success

Converting players to payers

13679853_1051846134896848_1775451160_nBy partnering with DAU-UP, Playtika reached and converted more of its target audience to players. The 3-month campaign ran from January–March 2016 and achieved:

  • 47% increase in player engagement
  • 28% increase in conversion rate, from install to deposit
  • 19% increase in return on ad spend