Helping to end violence against women



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Helping to end violence against women

The leading fashion brand generated over 22 million impressions for its charitable Denim Day campaign with the help of Facebook’s exceptional targeting tools from Facebook Marketing Partner Brand Networks.

22 million



video views


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Their Story

A stitch in time

Guess Europe is one of Europe’s leading high-end fashion retailers. To give something back, the brand organizes Denim Day as part of its mission to end violence against women worldwide.

Their Goal

A tailor-made campaign

Guess Europe needed to create awareness for this charitable campaign and find a suitable platform to share ads and content for Denim Day. The marketing team also wanted to target a specific demographic and tailor their message to achieve high engagement rates.

We needed to raise the right kind of awareness within our target demographic, reaching our current customers but also finding the people who would take the pledge and embrace the peace-loving mission behind Denim Day. The Brand Networks Platform allowed us to home in on the new and undiscovered audiences we sought, and to quickly optimise Denim Day’s messaging.
Guess Europe

Their Solution

Pinpoint precision

11405143_1470552389930433_1118266703_nRunning from May 18-June 3, 2015, the campaign was divided into 3 phases. First, Guess used Facebook to drive awareness around the campaign. Next, people were encouraged to take a pledge to participate in Denim Day by wearing jeans on May 29. Finally, pictures of celebrities and influencers joining in on Denim Day were posted to promote next year’s event.


Guess Europe used Facebook’s diverse ad formats to maximize engagement and reach out to a huge audience, as well as seek out its target demographic with unparalleled accuracy.

Their Success

Building a movement

11405215_1649099425313310_986807958_nThe 2-week campaign was highly successful, with Guess Europe engaging with millions of new people and generating a spectacular online buzz around Denim Day. Thanks to Facebook and Brand Networks’s exceptional targeting tools, the May 2015 campaign resulted in:
  • 22 million impressions
  • 500,000 engagements
  • 300,000 video views
  • 2% engagement rate