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Success Story

The Australian real estate website used Facebook posts and Brand Networks’ automation tools to drive website traffic and capture leads, realising a 30X greater engagement rate at a 70% lower cost than previous campaigns.


increase in post engagement over previous 6 months


lower cost per engagement than previous campaigns


increase in clicks to website

Their Story

Handling hot properties

Domain is a multi-platform online real estate resource that provides tools and information for buyers, sellers and renters. Led by a team of top real estate experts and journalists, the group provides knowledgeable information about properties across Australia.

Their Goal

Expanding its reach

Domain wanted to grow its already effective content marketing program to reach a broader audience of potential customers on Facebook, and send traffic back to its website to capture more leads and boost return site visits, which would nurture sales leads.

With the help of Brand Networks and its programmatic social advertising capabilities, Facebook Ads have become a critical piece of our marketing funnel. Facebook advertising earned its place at the top of the funnel, and will continue to be an integral part of the distribution plan for Domain’s content marketing activities.

-Melina Cruickshank, Chief Editorial and Marketing Officer, Domain Group

Their Solution

Automating for success


Domain worked with Facebook Marketing Partner Brand Networks to create a cost-efficient campaign that would enhance its content marketing strategy and require less time from its team.


Designing for efficiency

Brand Networks began by demonstrating that a data-driven approach could help Domain get its most popular Facebook Page posts out to a fresh audience. The team created an automated strategy that let it predict post popularity and update bids and budgets for top-performing content faster than the Domain team could on its own.


Boosting the best content

Brand Networks used its Open Signals tool to monitor how people were responding to Domain’s Facebook content. It turned any post that received an exceptional response into a Facebook ad and ran it in the mobile and desktop News Feeds of Australians aged 18 and up to reach broadest possible audience. Brand Networks then used its Optimize Now ad management software to track each ad’s performance, boosting the best performers and pulling those that didn’t do as well.

Their Success

Scaling new heights

12512173_1642116979389185_46568004_nBy partnering with Brand Networks to optimize its ongoing Facebook ad campaign, Domain successfully scaled its content marketing efforts, achieving higher engagement levels and a lower cost per conversion that continues to drop month over month.

  • 30X increase in post engagement over previous 6 months (boosted post campaign, January–June 2015)
  • 70% lower cost per engagement than previous campaigns
  • 46X increase in clicks to website
  • 80% lower cost per click to website