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Success Story

The sales software company created a lead ad campaign with Facebook Marketing Partner Marketo to promote its weekly blog digest, reducing its cost per lead by 58% and allowing it to automatically follow up on leads instantly.


lower cost per lead, compared to non-lead ads with same targeting


faster lead response time, compared to manual upload to Marketo

Their Story

Making sales simple

Apttus helps companies manage the sales cycle—from the moment a buyer first becomes interested through to the time they make a purchase. The company’s Quote-to-Cash apps are delivered on the Salesforce1 platform..

Their Goal

Driving leads efficiently

Apttus wanted to use Facebook leads ads and Marketo to automate its processes for lead followup and blog subscription signups to help increase website traffic and conversions.

We’re always looking for ways to increase our volume of leads, increase efficiency through lowering the cost per lead, and create a better user experience. We can follow up on leads immediately through Facebook and Marketo, and it only makes for a better user experience.

-Russell Banzon, Marketing Specialist, Apttus

Their Solution

Leveraging lookalikes


Apttus created a set of lead ads that collected contact information via customizable signup forms directly on Facebook. The ads, created in-house, prompted people to sign up for its weekly blog digest with a “Subscribe” button.


Using the Ad Bridge solution from marketing automation provider and Facebook Marketing Partner Marketo, Apttus targeted prospects by building lookalike audiences of people with similar characteristics and traits to those already on its legal, sales and finance mailing lists on Marketo. The people in each lookalike audience saw ads with unique messages that appealed to their audience segment. Apttus also created a Custom Audience of people who had visited its website in the last 30 days, who saw educational, brand-focused messages.


When people clicked the ‘Subscribe’ button on Apttus lead ads, they landed on a Facebook form pre-populated with their contact information, making the signup process quick and easy, even on mobile. Marketo captured these leads in real time and immediately adding them to the Apttus blog campaign, which allowed interested people to instantly receive an email response.

Their Success

Lots of leads for less


The Apttus lead ad campaign, which began in December 2015, has succeeded in increasing leads, while also making the process much more profitable and efficient. The ongoing campaign has achieved:
  • 58% lower cost per lead, compared to non-lead ads with same targeting
  • 99% faster lead response time, compared to manual upload to Marketo