Lowering user acquisition costs with Dynamic Creative Optimisation

Eureka, Inc.



Marketing Partner


UNITONE and Eureka partnered on an advertising campaign for dating app Pairs to dynamically optimise ads, significantly lowering user acquisition costs.



increased billing rate of new members


lower paid user acquisition cost

Their Story

Helping singles find love

UNITONE is a social media advertising agency specialising in direct response campaigns. The company’s Facebook Ads management tool Datos helps companies, such as the app developer Eureka, improve the performance of their Facebook Ads.

Launched in 2012, Pairs is a Facebook-based dating app that is changing the way people meet across Asia. With more than 6 million users, Pairs promises a high degree of anonymity and privacy.

Their Goal

Dynamic matchmaking


By using Dynamic Creative Optimisation, Eureka wanted to determine the best performing ad creatives that are most likely to convert people.

“The partnership with UNITONE helped us scale our Facebook Ad campaigns at a lower cost. Using Dynamic Creative Optimisation we were able to find the most effective ad creative. We are thrilled with the campaign results and will continue to use Dynamic Creative Optimisation for our advertising campaigns.”

Tomoko Wada, Marketing Lead Product Owner, Eureka Inc.



“Our Facebook Ads management tool Datos enables partners to increase their conversions by optimising Facebook Ads. Working on Eureka’s advertising campaign, we were able to improve the performance of their ad creative, in turn delivering a cost-effective campaign.”

Yoshiya Sato, Business Development Director, UNITONE Inc.


Their Solution

Finding the right one


Eureka worked together with the social media advertising agency UNITONE to maximise the performance of Facebook Ads. UNITONE specialises in direct response and has developed a tool called Datos that allowed Eureka to create and compare the performance of multiple ads at once.


Unitone used Datos’ bulk-registration for Facebook Ads to scale its campaign more efficiently. The company also used the tool to increase the performance of the Facebook Ads by dynamically comparing a large set of ad creatives. The tool’s automatic ads management function would automatically stop displaying ads that showed poor cost-effectiveness.


To ensure the Facebook Ads reached the right audience, the campaign used Custom Audience consisting of people aged 19-35 as well as Lookalike Audience based on the existing customers of the Pairs App.


Their Success

Getting more for less

Partnering with UNITONE, Eureka managed to significantly lower the cost of ads. The campaign, which ran in September 2017, achieved:

  • 53% increased billing rate of new members
  • 40% lower paid user acquisition cost