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Success Story

Streaming music service partners with ReFUEL4 to increase creative volume for app download ads, resulting in a 40% increase in click-through rate and 3X increase in app installs in Asia-Pacific markets.


increase in app installs over previous campaigns


increase in click-through rate over previous campaigns

4.6 Million

people reached

Their Story

DJ in your pocket

Spotify is a digital music subscription service that provides on-demand access to millions of tracks, so customers always have the right music at their fingertips, wherever they are, whatever the occasion. Spotify helps people soundtrack their lives.

Their Goal

Drive diverse downloads

Spotify wanted to increase the number of app downloads in its Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets, reaching new listeners in a region with multiple languages and diverse cultural and musical tastes, while increasing the brand’s return on ad spend.

Leveraging ReFUEL4’s creative optimization has provided Spotify’s app download and re-engagement campaigns with sustained performance.

-Sunita Kaur, MD, Spotify APAC

Their Solution

A creative choir


To design a campaign that would address the differences in language, culture, and musical tastes across its APAC markets, Spotify turned to Facebook Marketing Partner ReFUEL4. A unique pay-for-performance creative platform, ReFUEL4 matches freelance design professionals with advertising clients to create custom, scalable advertising solutions.


Working in harmony

Based on ad copy “Millions of songs in your hands” and “Your favorite songs at your fingertips”, ReFUEL4 engaged over 40 designers to craft relevant ad creative around these messages. In just 72 hours, the team had created over 300 ad variations inspired by global trends and regional pop culture references, while adhering to Spotify’s brand guidelines.


Playing their song

Spotify placed these mobile app ads in News Feed to reach busy music lovers. Geographic targeting made it possible to share language- and culture-specific ads with appropriate audience segments across Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines, and even focus on people aged 18–45 who showed an interest in music.


Singing a different tune

Spotify used Facebook’s Audience Insights to track individual ad performance and relevancy, passing key revelations along to ReFUEL4’s designers so they could tweak and optimise creative over the course of the campaign.

Their Success

Topping the charts

12512217_951582081607494_1668170411_nFacebook’s unmatched targeting and tracking capabilities, combined with ReFUEL4’s unique creative flexibility, hit all the right notes. In a tricky market, the campaign delivered a 40% increase in clicks to install while maintaining a high return on ad spend.

  • 3X increase in app installs over previous campaigns (APAC customer acquisition campaign, May–September 2015)
  • 40% increase in click-through rate over previous campaigns
  • 4.6 million people reached