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The UK travel agency partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner Adobe for an ad campaign that improved its cost per click efficiency by 40% and resulted in a 58% increase in online sales.


decrease in cost per acquisition


increase in online sales


higher CTR with retargeting

Their Story

Exclusive travel experiences

Thomson is a UK-based specialty travel company offering a wide range of exclusive holiday experiences. Founded in 1965 with the aim of making foreign travel accessible to all, Thomson has built its reputation on offering real, insider knowledge on global destinations.

Their Goal

Increasing travel bookings

Partnering with Facebook Marketing Partner Adobe to rally brand awareness and global sales, Thomson aimed to use Facebook’s granular targeting to reach existing and new customers across devices with engaging creative while maintaining an efficient cost per acquisition

Working with Adobe, we successfully launched and scaled our Facebook advertising campaigns for our biggest brand, Thomson. Within the first 3 months, we reduced the cost per acquisition by 65%. We have continued scaling this activity by showing compelling creative to relevant audiences and testing different placements with Adobe Media Optimizer.

-Claudia Gomez, Paid Search and Biddable Social Specialist, TUI UK & Ireland

Their Solution

Highlighting sun, sand, and sea

12350947_1747779962116637_477899743_nThomson ran a link ad campaign to drive sales in the first half of 2015. Using the Adobe Media Optimizer solution, Thomson tested different elements to understand which ad would deliver the most conversions, focusing on creative, audience and placement targeting. Here’s what it discovered:


Creative. Through continuous experimentation, Thomson learned that featuring ads with light-colored imagery performed better by 30%.


Audience. Thomson used website Custom Audiences to target visitors who had recently visited or converted on its website. To reach more people, it built Lookalike Audiences based on these source audiences. Lookalike Audiences were highly effective in finding more people who, like its best customers, were looking to escape to the sun. In both cases, the company improved on its cost per action by using core audience targeting.
Placement. Thomson discovered that targeting by device type was highly effective. Mobile ads served as the best first touch, engaging and informing on-the-go audiences so they could be reached again later on desktop to boost conversions.

Their Success

Kick back and relax

12350995_708788992585547_1312001209_nThanks to the Facebook campaign run with Adobe Media Optimizer, Thomson reached a wider audience and increased online sales. Thomson was also thrilled by the following results, achieved between January–June 2015:

  • 69% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • 58% increase in online sales
  • 10X higher click-through rate with retargeting
  • 5X higher click-through rate with Lookalike Audiences