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Success Story

The game developer put carousel ads into play to drive downloads of its football management app, giving it a vital edge on the competition.


increase in impressions versus mobile app install ads


lower cost per install


increase in click-through rate

Their Story

World-class performer

Based in Serbia, Nordeus is the award-winning game developer behind the most-played cross-platform sports game in the world, Top Eleven. Available on iOS and Android devices, the game challenges its 120 million-plus players to become world-class football managers.

Their Goal

Play to win

Nordeus has used Facebook to promote the Top Eleven app for over 5 years, and is continually looking for ways to improve its marketing. Facebook’s mobile carousel ads offered the company an opportunity to stay one step ahead of the competition and test the new format against its existing campaigns.

Being number one is our ultimate goal. That’s why we are thrilled to use the new mobile app carousel ad format just after its launch. This feature has enabled us to improve brand awareness and massively improve our performance advertising.


-Marko Radonjic, User Acquisition Manager, Nordeus

Their Solution

On the ball


Facebook Marketing Partner Bidalgo was a vital partner from start to finish—it was quick to recognize the potential of mobile carousel ads, and helped Nordeus adopt the new format before its competitors.


Carousel ads are an ideal way to showcase apps like Top Eleven, because they can display up to 5 images, headlines and links in a single ad unit. With this format, Nordeus could feature video and a variety of game screens, as well as promotional offers and other messages.


The campaign was targeted to football fans and players of other football management games. Different ad creative was A/B-tested to identify the most effective ads and then optimise the campaign.

Their Success

In a league of its own


Carousel ads gave Nordeus an immediate edge on the competition. After it started running carousel ad campaigns in May 2015, engagement, click-through rates and conversion rates shot up, while installation costs took a dive. Adopting the new format early also had a positive effect on brand equity, reinforcing the game developer’s reputation for innovation.


Carousel ads now command over 50% of Nordeus’s ad spend and deliver 65% of its revenue. Highlights of its successful ongoing campaigns include:


  • 21X increase in impressions with carousel ads versus mobile app install ads
  • 37% decrease in cost per install
  • 77% increase in click-through rate