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Tiger Pistol

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Marketing Partner

Success Story

The full-service digital marketing solutions provider for SMBs and Facebook Marketing Partner integrated fellow Marketing Partner Tiger Pistol’s ad automation platform to help it quickly deliver more sophisticated campaigns for its clients, resulting in a 3X faster launch time to market.


faster time to target


clients using this integrated solution


increase in News Feed and mobile placement

Their Story

Full-service social ads

Founded in 2011, Tiger Pistol provides an automation platform for social media ads. The company helps businesses like Hibu, who offers a full range of marketing services to SMBs, run effective ads at scale.


Their Goal

First to market

Hibu’s goal was to be a first mover in delivering tailored campaigns for its clients at scale, while avoiding the cost and learning curve associated with building a direct integration with Facebook from scratch.


“Tiger Pistol’s platform integrates with Hibu’s systems via powerful APIs. With this approach, Hibu was able to accelerate delivery and launch of Facebook marketing solutions to our SMB customers,
and to seamlessly integrate these solutions into Hibu’s existing systems, processes and workflows.”

– Nick Hopkins, AVP Digital Products, Hibu, Inc.


Their Solution

Quick, low-cost, and tailored


Hibu integrated the Tiger Pistol technology with its existing tools to better serve its clients.

Cost-effective scale

The result is a fully automated advertising solution that can by scaled rapidly and cost-effectively to deliver Facebook ads to thousands of SMBs.


Custom management

Tiger Pistol’s ad tech platform enables Hibu to create customized ad campaigns for its clients. This ensures Hibu can tailor its customers’ ads to their specific objectives, using the latest ad formats, tools and targeting capabilities.

For Hibu, integrating Tiger Pistol’s platform helped it avoid “re-inventing the wheel.” It can more easily and quickly act for its clients, launching campaigns in less than half the time it took before integrating the Tiger Pistol platform.

Finally, partnering with Tiger Pistol has helped Hibu reduce its costs and avoid the traditional technical and scheduling risks associated with developing directly to the Facebook API.

Their Success

Scaling on success

Combining Tiger Pistol’s extensive Facebook expertise and platform capabilities with Hibu’s leading SMB sales and service created a win-win result.

  • 3X faster time to market
  • Over 15,000 clients using this integrated solution
  • 10X increase in News Feed and mobile placement