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Piedmont Healthcare partnered with BrightWhistle for its mammogram campaign, using BrightWhistle’s HIPAA-compliant marketing platform to deliver more targeted and relevant healthcare solutions.“`


more effective at reaching high-risk patients than the control group


increase in identification of high-risk patients


increase in click-through rate versus the control group

Their Story

Putting clinical data to work for at-risk patients

Piedmont Healthcare is a healthcare organization based in Georgia. It recently partnered with Preferred Marketing Developer BrightWhistle to develop a marketing tool that would help it get more value out of its Facebook Ad spend. Aiming to take a more proactive approach with consumers, Piedmont wanted to provide actionable tools allowing consumers to adequately assess their health needs while providing a trackable and clear path to treatment and prevention.

Their Goal

A proactive approach to healthcare

Since completing risk assessments can assist with early detection of breast cancer, Piedmont wanted to increase engagement and ultimately drive volume to its imaging centers.

“Patient engagement and patient population management are important factors in reducing the cost of healthcare in America and improving patient outcomes. Using BrightWhistle’s tool to educate, engage and help influence an organization’s known patient population to stay healthy has huge implications for healthcare providers, patients and their families.”

Matt Gove, Chief Marketing Officer, Piedmont Healthcare

Their Solution

Enlisting data to prevent disease

BrightWhistle’s HIPAA-compliant tool, Patient Marketing Intelligence (PMI), allows healthcare providers to more effectively engage existing patients and identify prospective healthcare consumers.

Using BrightWhistle’s PMI tool, Piedmont Healthcare developed a campaign to identify high-risk patients who should pursue preventative care—in this case, patients who should undergo mammograms.

Ad creative for this campaign included branded imagery and helpful facts about breast cancer risk factors. Placed in both mobile and desktop News Feed, the ads were well positioned to reach their target audience whether at their computer or on the go, and drive them to Piedmont Healthcare’s Breast Cancer Risk Profile Assessment.

BrightWhistle’s PMI tool created a highly targeted Custom Audience of existing patients living in Atlanta. Piedmont Healthcare targeted its ads to both this Custom Audience and to a control group for testing purposes.

Their Success

Encouraging prevention

Compared to the control group results, using Custom Audiences with BrightWhistle’s PMI allowed the healthcare provider to identify at-risk patients more effectively. Piedmont Healthcare discovered that 98% of risk assessments were completed via mobile phones—a valuable insight that indicates that mobile ad placement is a must for upcoming campaigns.
  • 2.5X more effective at reaching high-risk patients (versus the control group)
  • 98% of risk assessments completed via mobile
  • 40% increase in identification of high-risk patients
  • 83% increase in click-through-rate (versus the control group)
  • 22% increase in conversion rate (completed risk assessments)
  • 11% lower cost per completed risk assessment