Re-styling user-generated content with video to drive ad results




Marketing Partner

Success Story

The medical apparel company teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Shuttlerock to transform user-generated photos into thumb-stopping micro-video ads, generating 34% higher return on ad spend.   


increase in ROAS (InstantVideo over static image)


decrease in cost per sale (InstantVideo over static image)

Their Story

Visually appealling


Shuttlerock applies technology to help marketers find, enhance and amplify the impact of visual content.


Their Goal

Harnessing the power of user content


American medical apparel brand Jaanuu wanted to drive even better ad results by making its user-generated photos more eye-catching in the Facebook newsfeed, and ultimately boost online sales.


“Shuttlerock InstantVideos proved to be an engaging way to capture audience attention, while leveraging our existing UGC assets. We were most excited about the ability to quickly and easily source video assets using their platform and seamlessly place them into Facebook’s high-performing video advertising format. Quite frankly, we were not able to produce the high-quality visual effects internally without Shuttlerock.”

Luke Chen, Director of Marketing, Jannuu

Their Solution

Getting creative

Jaanuu already had a pool of consented user-generated imagery, which they use successfully to help consumers make purchase decisions. To avoid ad fatigue and find a novel way to enhance existing UGC, the brand wanted to bring these photos to life and capture even more attention in the Facebook newsfeed.

Shuttlerock applied its InstantVideo technology to add lightweight motion to the images. These short 6-second video ads transformed static images into thumb-stopping micro-video ads.

The company targeted the ads at Lookalike Audiences on Facebook – aiming to appeal to users similar to those who had purchased items in the last 60 days – using Video Carousel Ads. The video ads linked directly to Jaanuu’s e-commerce site, where shoppers could purchase items immediately.

Their Success

The right medicine

Compared to previous campaigns using only static photos, Shuttlerock’s InstantVideo helped to captivate audiences. The campaign, which ran May 5-31 2017, delivered:

  • 34% increase in ROAS
  • 24% decrease in cost per sale