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Together with Facebook Marketing Partner AppWhole, AmorePacific Mall ran a series of video ads to win over consumers, achieving 11x higher return on ad spend.



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higher return on ad spend

Their Story

Masters of precision


AppWhole is a professional social networking system agency that works with ecommerce and entertainment brands. Its retargeting ad capabilities  help companies such as AmorePacific reach people and deliver ads with greater precision.


Their Goal

Driving beautiful deals

Cosmetics retailer AmorePacific Mall wanted to improve awareness and revenue of its online store by promoting special events and exhibitions.

“Our initial ROAS goal was 300%, so clearly the campaign and the results from it have exceeded our expectations,”

– AP Mall : Jae hyun Bang (e-Commerce 1Team Manager)


“Good creatives with the right objective are key to campaign delivery and performance. That is what we aimed for with AP Mall and we’re thrilled the client is just as happy with the results”

– AppWhole : Sang woo Yoo ( Strategy Marketing Team Manager )

Their Solution

Prepped for a makeover


AmorePacific Mall partnered with Facebook Marketing Partner AppWhole to build awareness of its dedicated online store.

To capture people’s attention, the team opted to use video ads as the format allows for detailed product explanations. One 22-second video promoted the sales message upfront to hook consumers’ attention in-feed. The campaign also used animated images, which allowed it to highlight discounts and products more prominently.

The video ads broadly targeted women in Korea aged 22-44 between June 18-August 20 2017. Then using Custom Audiences, it excluded customers who had used the site to make purchases in the last three weeks, to avoid duplicating impressions. Finally, in a bid to increase return on ad spend, AmorePacific chose the conversion objective.


AppWhole’s Umzzi retargeting ad platform automatically pulled products from the website and registered them as page shots. This helped the retailer save time and resources. Umzzi also made it possible to analyse targets and reactions, which helped to determine an ad’s popularity. This, in turn, allowed AmorePacific to streamline its target list and budgets.

Their Success

Brush with success

With AppWhole’s Umzzi platform and Facebook video ads, AmorePacific Mall was able to drive significant video views and link clicks, which helped improve return on ad spend. Thrilled with the results, the brand now plans to leverage similar campaigns in the future.

  • 6,000 link clicks
  • 4% video view rate per reach
  • 11x higher return on ad spend