Retargeting campaign for boosting online sales



DMC Media

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Success Story

Together with Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media, the online shopping mall, Naning9 launched a retargeting campaign to reach people based on their historic website behavior, achieving a 36% increase in return on ad spend.


increase in conversion rate


increase in return on ad spend

Their Story

Optimizing digital campaigns

DMC Media is an integrated digital media agency, whose F-1 solution helps companies such as Naning9, a South Korean online shopping mall, run optimized campaigns to improve online sales.


Their Goal

Target Website Users

Naning9 wanted to increase online sales while keeping its cost per purchase as low as possible. It also wanted to leverage the user behavior data it collects from its website.

“Facebook’s dynamic ads helped us increase user acquisition. By analyzing the people who visited our website and added products to cart, we could use specific targeting to affect higher conversion rates than other advertising campaigns. As we continue working closely with our marketing partner DMC Media, we will strongly push our plan for improving our sales performance.”

– Jiwoon Ryu, Marketing Manager, Naning9

Their Solution

Automating dynamic ads

Naning9 joined forces with Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media to retarget people who had visited the online shopping mall.

The team first implemented the Facebook pixel on the Naning9 website to track people’s behavior. It also implemented a pixel for DMC Media’s F-1 platform, which improves ad performance and reduces campaign management by automating everything from creative template creation to catalog management.

For this particular retargeting campaign, Naning9 used the F-1 pixel to upload its product information to Facebook without having to upload its entire product catalog. The Naning9 team used the pixel to organize its products based on categories, such as tops, cosmetics or accessories.

The team then created a Custom Audience of people who viewed a product, purchased a product, or added a product to the online shopping cart but did not purchase it. It then segmented its audience based on these actions, and used dynamic ads to reach its them. Dynamic ads showcase relevant products based on people’s website behavior, using information collected by the pixel.

DMC Media’s F-1 platform, which automatically populated the ads, also automatically optimized Naning9’s ad spend to ensure its ads maintained an efficient cost per purchase.

Their Success

An automated success

With DMC Media’s F-1 platform and Facebook dynamic ads, Naning9 successfully reached people who had previously visited its website. The campaign, which launched in July 2016, achieved:

  • 76% increase in conversion rate
  • 36% increase in return on ad spend