Samsonite boosting its online sales



DMC Media

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Success Story

Luggage and bag brand Samsonite and Facebook Marketing Partner DMC Media teamed up in Korea and launched a dynamic ad campaign to boost online sales, resulting in a 3X higher return on ad spend.


higher return on ad spend


lower cost per purchase


increase in conversion rate

Their Story

Partnering to streamline ad creation and performance

Samsonite worked with DMC Media, an integrated digital media agency and ad tech company whose F-1 solution helped the team to improve ad performance and optimize campaigns on social platforms.


Their Goal

Driving online sales for Samsonite in Korea

To boost Samsonite’s online sales in Korea, while keeping the cost per purchase low with DMC Media‘s F1 solution.

“We were most excited when we saw the audience size and sales volume increase throughout the website conversion campaign. By extending the target group and using the Facebook pixel, Samsonite reached potential customers and increased its website traffic, leading to more people viewing its products on Facebook. More importantly, the number of people who visited the website to purchase the products they saw on Facebook increased.”

– MiJung Jo, Advertisement Account Manager, DMC Media

“It was very fortunate for us to find Facebook dynamic ads which helped us reach more meaningful audiences. Using dynamic ads we were able to showcase relevant content and products to customers who were interested in our brand. We managed to expand our reach to new audience groups and ultimately boosted our sales. We are more than happy to continue the journey with Facebook and DMC Media as partners to maximize our growth. ”

– JaeYoun Kim, Ecommerce Senior Manager, Samsonite Korea

Their Solution

Targeting online luggage and bag shoppers


To help it increase online sales of its line of luggage and bags, Samsonite Korea partnered with ad tech company and Facebook Marketing Partner, DMC Media.

The team’s first move was to implement DMC Media’s F-1 tool, which would enable it to use the brand’s product catalogue without uploading it to Facebook. DMC Media also integrated the Facebook pixel on the Samsonite website to track people’s online behavior.

Samsonite Korea and its creative agency and Facebook Marketing Partner, DMC Media launched then a dynamic ad campaign. Dynamic ads are automatically filled with the advertiser’s product catalogue and are typically retargeted to people who visited the advertiser’s website and viewed certain products. With this campaign, DMC Media used its F-1 pixel to automatically fill the ads with Samsonite product images and information, and the Facebook pixel to deliver the ads to people already interested in the brand.

To reach a larger audience, ads were targeted to people based on their interests, such as bags, suitcases and backpacks. DMC Media also used Samsonite’s Custom Audience from a past campaign to create and target a Lookalike Audience and thus being able to target a wider group of people that could be potentially interested in their brand. People who visited the Samsonite website but didn’t purchase anything were then retargeted with the dynamic ad campaign.

Finally, Samsonite Korea was able to optimize ad spend with the help of DMC Media’s F- 1 platform which automatically reallocated Samsonite’s ad budget to maximize its campaign goal: increasing online sales.

Their Success

A suitcase full of sales


Samsonite’s campaign was a great success. The brand’s strategic campaign, which ran February 2–March 2, 2017, boosted online sales and achieved:

• 3X higher return on ad spend

• 3X increase in conversion rate

• 2.8X lower cost per purchase